Vehicle Type

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they order the correct type of vehicle in order to carry the numbers of passengers and luggage. On rare occasions, if the booked vehicle is not available, the company may sent an upgrade, for example a saloon vehicle has been booked, the company may send MPV or comfort instead, in such instances there is no charge to the customer. Similarly  if an MPV is booked, the company may sent 2 saloon vehicles instead, again at not cost to the customer.


Prices quoted and paid are for passengers being ready to travel at the booked time. All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Phone Bookings

All phone bookings are taken with great care and detailed attention to ensure accuracy is maintained. Some of the bookings may be recorded for training and verification purposes. We will not be held liable for any incorrect information provided by third party.

Booking Confirmations

We will send e-mail confirmations to all of our passengers, provided they have included a valid e-mail id with their booking. This will include phone bookings as well as web bookings. Sometimes a follow up may be required, in this event we will contact you by email, if a response is not received we will attempt phone contact. If this is also unsuccessful we reserve the right to cancel the booking.


Payment can be made by following methods:

  1. By cash to driver. (for existing customers)
  2. Prepay in advance by Credit/Debit Card online. (for new customers)
  3. Account payments are to be settled with 10 days of being invoiced (surcharge may apply for late payments)

The Service

Each Contract for Services is between you and the Driver. As such, we are the disclosed agent for each Driver for the purpose of arranging and agreeing Bookings between you and the Driver. Each Driver is responsible in each and every case, for the performance of the Services under a Contract. Any concerns or issues with service are to be raise with the driver, at the time of the matter in question, and always prior to completion of the journey. We shall check that each Driver maintains motor liability insurance, regulatory and all other compliance obligations required by law and for best practice in the location in which the Driver provides Passenger Services. There is no obligation on us to accept a Booking and it may be declined for any reason.

Fraud Prevention

To protect our drivers and passengers safety we have implemented a random installation of security cameras in our cars. Any online credit/debit card bookings will be subject to verification and passengers may be asked to provide ID with the credit/debit card.

Waiting Time Charges

All pickups from the airports allowed 45 minutes free from the landing time/docking time. Any further waiting time will be charged at 35p per minute (minimum £2.50). Flight delays are exempt from this charges. Pickups from home, hotel, offices and other venues are allowed 5 minutes from the actual booked time, thereafter 35p per minute (minimum £2.50) will be added to the fare quoted.

Payment for waiting time, need to be settled with the driver, prior to completing the journey. The company reserve the right to collect payment if the driver is not paid, from the card held on file. This will incurr an admin charge of £15.00.

Additional Passengers and Luggage

Additional passengers and luggage may be added with the permission of the office but not exceeding the numbers per vehicle type ordered.

Additional Drop offs and Pick ups

Additional drop offs and pickups will be charged accordingly.. The option is available by using the via option, located just under the date, on the booking form.

Booking Cancellations

A booking can be cancelled by passenger in advance by giving 72 hours notice. If less than 72hrs notice is given a fee of £8.00 will be deducted for any pre paid transfers which are cancelled. All pre paid booking cancellations notified under 8 hours will not be refunded.

Bookings made on short notice, that being under the 8 hour notice period, will not be refunded.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a booking, in such instances a full refund will be issued.


We will monitor the flight, and have you picked up when you land, provided that the correct flight details have been supplied to us. This applies to all flights that are delayed up to 60 minutes, flight delays that exceed this may result in the booking being cancelled. Please inform the office as soon as you become aware of any such delays.

When travelling to the airport, it is the responsibility of the passenger to allow enought time to check-in, thus pick up time should be selected to ensure flight is not missed. Its best to arrive early at the airport, then to arrive late.

No Show

No show is defined as follows: If passenger books a private hire car with us and fails to meet the driver on pick up time, this will include home, hotel and other private address. This will include wrong date wrong time bookings. If the passenger fails to make contact to inform their status at the airport will be considered as a no show. All bookings prepaid by a credit or debit card will not be refunded in the event of a no show. A grace period of 10 minutes is given, before cancellation.


Refunds will be issued on the following grounds:

  • Booking prepaid with a credit card or debit card and cancellation notified 8 hours prior to the actual  pick up time.
  • If the  passenger missed the flight and informs us in advance either by email, text or via phone and obtains a cancellation number.

All cancellations  are subject to minimum fee of £6.00, unless the company is responsible for the cancellation. Once you have received email notification of refund, the funds have left our account. The timescales for the money to return to your account depend on your card company, normally this is 3 working days. Any issues with the refund, once it has been issued needs to to taken up with your card company.

No refunds will be issued for the following:

  • Cancellations notified under 8 hours
  • If the passenger books the PHV for a wrong date, wrong flight number and other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the pick up point without informing us for any reason whatsoever.
  • Once passenger has used the Service no refund will be consider in any case.


The driver will take the route to a destination by considering the following

facts: the traffic, time, road closures, diversions.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they provide correct details such as time, date , flight number, contact details.

The company accepts no liability for the following: Severe traffic delays, road closures, vehicle accident or mechanical failure, extreme and poor weather conditions and unconfirmed transfers that’s without booking Ref No

The main cause of missed flights is incorrect pickup time selected on the booking, the driver will aim to pick you up at the time on the booking confirmation. Therefore it is the responsibility of the passenger to check flight and gate closure times, and allow for traffic when selecting pickup timings.

Normally we use our own drivers for our booking, however there are times when booking are passed onto third parties.

The Driver (not us) is responsible for performing the Booking. We are responsible for providing you with passenger service assistance and will at all times act as the point of contact for you for customer service questions. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we remain responsible solely for our obligations to you, as set out in these Terms.

Due to the nature of the Service provided any concerns with the driver or the vehicle should be  made prior to departure of the journey.

The Company shall not be liable for delay or failure in performance resulting from causes beyond the Company’s reasonable control.

Passengers are liable for any mess made in the vehicle, and a cleaning fee may be payable.

We cover Luton and surrounding area, bookings outside the area, may be cancelled, please confirm with the office, if in doubt.

Special Fares

Our Prices will be 50% extra on the following dates; 25th, 26th, and  31st December and 1st January. This is due to limited drivers available for work during seasonal periods and we accept only “Prepaid Transfer” for these days to secure the booking. Please note that we provide child seats as a courtesy service. Whilst we make every effort to ensure child seats are available, we cannot guarantee, suitability for your child, or availability for your journey. Usage of child seats is entirely at the passenger’s discretion, and we cannot be held responsible or liable for their usage.